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Additional Ways to Give

In addition to Direct Appeal, there are other ways to give all year long.  Lincoln has partnered with these retail partners that have agreed to donate a portion of sales to the Lincoln School.  Please save the links and share with your family and friends to extend the benefits.


Stop & Shop

Lincoln raised over $600 last year.  Please help us continue with the funding by registering  your existing Stop and Shop card.  A  percentage of every purchase you make comes directly back to our school!  We are school #09209, or you can search by city/state.   Please note that you need to re-register your card every September!

Box Tops for Education

Thank you to all who helped make the Lincoln Box Tops Program a success.  Last year’s Box Top program was the best year ever. The Box Top contest raised over $2,500 for Lincoln school!  Please help us do it again!  In an effort to raise money for Lincoln School, we will hold another Box Top contest between classrooms to see which class at Lincoln can collect the most Box Tops. You and your child can help the school raise money and participate in the contest when you clip box tops and drop them in your child’s classroom collection box/envelope. The contest will run throughout the school year.  from now until the collection boxes are picked up at the end of school in May, 2015. The classroom with the most Box Tops will have their choice of a special reward, so start clipping! Complete list of participating products here.


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