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Lincoln Parent Volunteers Needed!

There are many opportunities for parents to become involved in the LSPA - whether you have a little time or a lot, your help is welcome.  Below you’ll find a list of our openings for the 2016-2017 school year.  Thank you for volunteering to make our LSPA events and programs a success!

Volunteer Opportunities

Newsletter - Keep the Lincoln community up-to-date on all our happenings with our weekly Lincletter.  Contact Melanie Toomey ( to learn more.


Library - We are need of volunteers for all classes.  Shifts are 45 minutes long.  For those new to Lincoln, classes are designated by grade and teacher's last name; for instance, if your child is in Mrs. Blakenship's 5th grade class, it's designated as 5B.  You will be volunteering for your child's class so please see the time (attached) works for you.  If it does and you are interested, please send an email to and/or with the following information: your child's class and how many times per month you'd like to volunteer (1x or 2x).  We'll then add you to our schedule (it will be the same shift(s) each month).  It's a great opportunity to get a peek into your child's day at school and is a huge help to our librarian.  Many thanks for your consideration!

Technology - Come work with Rose to help support our ad hoc email and technology needs.  This is a great role for working parents.  Contact Rose ( to learn more.

5th Grade - Help organize and oversee the committees that plan a fun and memorbale year for our 5th grade class!  Contact Anna Hood and Jenn Feeley Hyzer ( if interested.


School Newspaper - This is a pilot scheme to see if we can put together a Lincoln School Newspaper : Students would participate after school learning to write articles, do photography and layouts, etc for our own student newspaper. We would need parents to run the scheme, journalistic and or publishing experience would be fantastic (but not essential) . Contact if interested.


Full STEAM Ahead  - This is a program that happens once a year (winter timeframe) that pulls together a night of STEAM topics and experiences.  Contact Meredith Thompson ( if you are interested in getting involved.


BOKS  – (Build Our Kids’ Success) This program is 100% parent managed and is offered in the fall (10 weeks) and winter spring (12 weeks) timeframe.  We need lots of volunteers, so please contact Emily ( if interested helping out.

Mentor  – Work with Karen Caputo and Laura King to help this committee with the coordination and administration of the mentor program for fourth and fifth grade students, culminating in a mentor appreciation event.  Work for this committee begins in late November and ends in mid-March.  The biggest time commitment is in early January and early March, with the event occurring in March or April.  Contact Karen ( to learn more.

Lincoln School Front Office Volunteers – We need YOU!  Would you like to see Lincoln in action and be part of the fun?  If you have an hour just once, once a month or weekly - we'd love to have you!  Everyday 12pm-1pm parent volunteers cover Joyce Hart, our school secretary's lunch break. No experience necessary!  Just come and be part of the Lincoln community.   Please sign up at our SignUp Genius (Submitted by Patty Kolias)

Active Drop-Off Volunteers

If you will be driving you child to school in the morning please use our designated active drop-off area on Main Street.  Please pull forward between the traffic cones and allow one of our parent volunteers to help your child from the car.  They will also assist with your child’s backpack and close your passenger door (if needed). This system helps to keep traffic running smoothly through town and keeps our students safe!  In order to keep this system running we rely on parent volunteers and could use your help!  

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