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Lincoln Mentor Program

What is the Lincoln Mentor program?

The Lincoln Elementary Mentor Program is a voluntary program that allows fourth and fifth grade students the opportunity to pursue a special interest or talent on an extracurricular basis by working with a mentor or expert from the local community. Typically, students and mentors meet 2-3 times during the January through March timeframe to talk about the topic.  In April, the program concludes with a Mentor Sharing and Recognition Event where students will have an opportunity to present what they have learned through the program to other students and members of the Lincoln community. Students can plan their presentation with their mentors.

What are sample mentors from the past?

Some of the topics selected by students in the past include 3D printing, architecture, baking, cake decorating, cartooning, computer programming, creative writing, farming, interior design, magic, movie

making, robotics, rock climbing, sports broadcasting, and teacher.


When children complete the survey to sign-up for the program, they will have the opportunity to rank their first and second choices for the industry in which they are interested. We will work to find mentor matches in the community. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to coordinate a match the fields in which they expressed interest. If there is a specific mentor you have in mind with whom you already have a relationship, please let us know when you complete the survey.

What is required?

The Role of the Student:  Choose a topic or area of interest to pursue, be responsible for attending meetings and completing project work, be respectful and courteous to the mentor and fellow students, share learning through a visual and/or oral presentation at the Sharing and Recognition Night.


The Role of the Parents: Assist in identifying a mentor for your child’s topic of interest, coordinate and schedule convenient meeting times for the mentor and students, supervise all meetings, and ensure that your child understands and fulfills the expectations outlined above for students.


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