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New Initiatives

This is a new committee at Lincoln that will help identify and launch new  parent supported initiatives for the Lincoln Elementary school.  This group is responsible for working with parents and teachers to identify new programs for consideration as well as collect ideas to improve existing programs.  Committee members can also serve as a resource for anyone interested in launching a new program who needs extra support.


To kick off this committee we are collecting ideas from parents and teachers.  If you have an idea (or know of a successful program at another school), please submit below and we will add to our list. 












The LSPA will meet in September (first LSPA Meeting) to discuss and prioritize potential program ideas.  The goal is to launch at least one pilot program during the 2014-2015 school year. 


Thanks for your ideas and please email Alli Gaiko if you are interested in joining the committee.


New Initiatives Committee (Co-Chairs Allison Gaiko & Tamara Larson)


Today’s Goal: Identify ways parents can support the school (students, teacher, staff) to provide a better overall experience

What we will do today:

  • Part 1 – Brainstorm:  20 minutes brainstorming ideas

  • Part 2 – Ranking:  10 minutes “scoring” the ideas based on Impact and Implementation effort

  • Part 3 – Agreement top ideas:  Identify the top 5 ideas to be shared with the school (for voting)

Part 1:  Brainstorming- When thinking of new ideas make sure:

  • 100% Parent Driven

  • Appropriate for School Environment

  • Does the idea provide enhancement in one of these areas:

    • Learning/Education

    • Athletics/Arts/Music

    • Social & Environmental impact

    • Community Development & Spirit

    • Any other area we may have missed!

Starting Place:  What we have today:

  • Learning/Education

    • Student Mentor Program (4th and 5th Grade Only)

    • STEM/Math Mania Night

    • Authorfest (town wide event)

    • Enrichment Programs (during the school day-but funded by parents)

  • Athletics/Arts/Music

    • BOKS Program

    • Field Day

  • Social & Environmental impact

    • Fall/Spring School Clean-up

    • Health Fair

    • Green Team

  • Community Development & Spirit

    • Fall/Spring Lincoln Family Picnics

    • Book Sale/Ice Cream Social

    • Family Pizza-Bingo Night



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