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Lincoln Parent Volunteers Needed!

There are many opportunities for parents to become involved in the LSPA - whether you have a little time or a lot, your help is welcome.  Below you’ll find a list of our openings for the  school year.  Thank you for volunteering to make our LSPA events and programs a success!

Volunteer Opportunities

5th Grade This committee organizes various 5th grade activities: GURO, pizza/bingo night, ice cream social, yearbook, Moving-On, etc. Two Co-chairs support the sub-committee chairs and manage finances. The time commitment depends upon the sub-committee selected.


Buildings and Grounds This committee works to improve the physical environment at Lincoln School. The time depends upon projects selected in cooperation with school administration. Traditionally there are two playground clean-ups each year (Fall & Spring) and a variety of playground improvements as needed.


Enrichment This committee works (through grade-level reps) with faculty to provide enrichment programs for all students. These programs are designed to enhance curriculum and include visiting scientists, artists, etc. The time commitment is throughout the year. The chairs represent Lincoln at Community Schools Association (CSA), an umbrella organization of all school enrichment activities.

Field Day This committee works with the Physical Education staff to organize parent volunteers and communications for Field Day in June. It also coordinates lunch and snacks for Field Day.

Gifts This committee selects and purchases gifts for individuals (such as principal, librarian, and nurse) that the LSPA wishes to thank, as well as end of year gifts for all teachers and staff. The time commitment is sporadic throughout the year.

Health Fair This committee assists the Physical Education Teacher and School Nurse with preparations for an annual Wellness Program. Tasks may include recruiting parent volunteers, organizing a schedule of events for the day and facilitating parent communication.

Library This is NOT the sign-up for daily library volunteers! This committee is divided into groups, which help organize the many activities of the library including: recruiting and scheduling library volunteers, helping with book repairs and overdue lists, organizing the Book Fair, processing new books, shelf reading and inventory. The time commitment depends upon which sub-committee you choose to work on.


Lincletter The editors organize material for the Lincletter, a weekly newsletter describing news and activities at Lincoln School. The work is ongoing throughout the year. Much of the work can be completed at home; The Lincletter is sent electronically to families on Monday mornings.


Mentor Program Serving on this committee requires the coordination and administration of the mentor program for fourth and fifth grade students, culminating in a mentor appreciation event one evening in the spring. Work for this committee begins in late November and ends in mid-March. The biggest time commitment is in early January and early March, with the event occurring in March or April.


Room Parent This committee recruits and selects Room Parents, who work with the individual teachers. Grades K-2 generally require the most support. This committee begins work on the first day of school, is most active in early fall and initiates the emergency phone chain if necessary.


School Pictures This committee works to schedule the picture day and organize photo sessions with each grade throughout that day. School pictures are usually taken in September/October.

Social This committee provides refreshments for various LSPA events and meetings. The biggest event is organizing and planning the Teacher/Staff Appreciation Luncheon in May. The committee works throughout the year.

Farm Night/Fall Social This committee is responsible for helping to organize our fall social night at Wright-Locke farm. The date for the event this year is October 11th. The committee will be working with the farm to set up for the party, work on food and alcohol donations, promote the party to the parents, check-in the night of the party, and clean up.

Direct Appeal(ways and means) This committee plans, organizes and implements all fundraising activities. The majority of the fundraising is accomplished through an annual ‘Direct Appeal’. Other fundraising programs (i.e., Target, Box Tops) are also coordinated by this committee. Most of the work is done in the fall and early winter, but it is ongoing throughout the year.

Box Tops This committee organizes the box tops fundraising throughout the school year. There are various times throughout the year that the box tops need to be collected from teacher/grades and then tallied up. The box top committee is also responsible for organizing a party at the end of the year for the class/grade who won the box top contest by having the most box tops.


Green Team This committee works on make our school a greener environment. They work on various initiatives throughout the school year.


School Store This committee works to run our school store. It will be running the school store shifts-looks for parents volunteers and student volunteers. Orders merchandise and keeps track of sales.

STEM night This committee works to run and put on our school STEM night which is usually in the late winter/spring.

Extended Learning This committee works with the teachers to put together and run optional after school programs that are available to the students. They are responsible for working to post the description of these programs and then help with the student sign-ups/enrollment into these programs.

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