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Lincoln Extended Learning

Lincoln's teachers have once again designed amazing extended learning opportunities for our students.  These courses will run before/after school, beginning in October 2017.  Below is a sampling of before and after school programs offered for the Fall period. Any questions related to the extended learning program, please contact us here


Registration for the Fall extended learning begins today and programs run through February .  Registrations are on a first-come first-served basis, but will remain open as long as there is space available.  Payment is *only* by PayPal.  Once registered, you can assume your child is enrolled unless we contact you.  Students on free or reduced lunch are eligible for scholarships (please contact the office if interested):  


Fall Programs:




Happy Heart After School Yoga and Mindfulness - Mrs Golovato

Mondays from April  24th, 2017 – June 12th, 2017 (no session May 1st and May 29th)

Time - 2.45pm - 3.45pm

Grades 1-3 (Maximum number of students 8)

Cost $100 per student - Participants will meet in the Lincoln School Gym

The practices of yoga and mindfulness are associated with a host of positive attributes, including increased well-being, focus, and calm.  I look forward to guiding your child toward a serene and happy end of the day with yoga asanas (postures), breathing, meditation, and games.  Students will learn how yoga and mindfulness can help them concentrate and be more mindful both at school and with friends and family.  This afterschool class will be a peaceful means of transitioning from school to home.  Children will need to wear comfortable clothing to school on the day they have yoga class.  Yoga mats will be provided! 

Note: Mrs. Golovato is a certified children’s ChildLight yoga instructor.


Read it, Cook it! - Andrea Cogan and Taylor Rubbins (CLOSED)

Wednesdays from April 26th , 2017 - June 14th, 2017 (no session April 19th)

2:45 - 3:45pm

Grades 1-5 (Maximum number of students 12)

Venue: TBA

Cost $130 (including supplies)

Read it, Cook it.  A cooking class for students who like to read AND cook. 

Join Mrs. Cogan and Mrs. Rubbins on Wednesday afternoons from 245 – 3:45 and we will read stories about food, then make the recipe.  Books like Pete’s a Pizza or if you give a pig a pancake. Grab a friend or a sibling and join the fun.



Recycle Art Buffet - Miss Costello 

Wednesdays from October 4th- December 6th, 2017 

2:45 - 4:00

Grades 2-5

Location - Art Room

Cost $130 (includes $10 materials/supplies fee) (max Students 18)

Join Miss Costello for an 8 week art enrichment session of Recycle Art Buffet. This is an art enrichment experience beloved by all of the Lincoln School artists and is typically offered during the general curriculum twice a year. However, your child can have a recycled Art Buffet afternoon for 8 weeks to further explore, transform,repurpose recycled materials into 2d &3d works of art with this additional studio time. Students can choose to work solo or collaborate and can take work home after each session. Please bring a snack

Painting in the Park - Ms Clough 

Wednesdays from October 4th 2017 - November 29th 2017 

2:45 - 4:00

Grades 3-5

Location - Lincoln School Grounds and Surrounding Neighborhood

Cost $210 (max Students 8)

Students will join Mrs. Clough to draw and paint in the park across the street from Lincoln School and other neighborhood locations.  In case of inclement weather, we will paint inside the school.


Each student will receive his/her own individual portfolio filled with art materials that they will carry with them to each location as we observe and capture the beauty of our natural surroundings.


At the conclusion of our 6 weeks, we will have a mini celebration by inviting parents to join us for our Paint in the Park Expo on November 29th!

Newspaper Club - Ms. Luem, Mr. Bellenoit and Ms. Crossen

Wednesdays from October 4, 2017 – February 7, 2018 

2:45 - 4:00

Grades 3-5

Location - Lincoln School Library

Cost $240 (max Students 25)

Newspaper Club will meet once a week from the week of Oct. 4 through Feb. 2nd, and will involve students in grades 3-5 reading, collaborating, researching articles, interviewing fellow students and staff members, writing and editing articles, creating layout designs, and delivering their very own newspaper--The Pride Papers. Published newspapers will serve as mentor texts for our novice reporters as they begin to explore topics of interest, and delve into the writing process. In addition to a team of Lincoln Staff members who will help the students hone their new skills, we will be joined by a small team of high school students who write the newspaper at Winchester High School. Their expertise will help the elementary students with their research and writing, and their technical skills will ensure that our young reporters are able to edit their work and format it for the newspaper. In general, this newspaper club is a collaborative team seeking to improve students' reading, writing and research skills, and bring the Lincoln community together with a shared project and product.


Movie Making - Phil Bellenoit 

Wednesdays from May 3rd  - June 21st

Sessions 1-4     Start Time:  2:45 -  3:45pm

Sessions 5-8     Start Time:  2:45 -   4:30pm

Grades 3 - 5

Cost $140 (max students 6)


Movie Making is fun, but it is one of the more difficult extended learning programs. The first 4 sessions are spent developing a story and writing the script for a group project. During the remaining sessions, students will experience playing the roles of actor, director, camera operator, and boom pole operator (sound). Families, friends, and teachers will be invited to a movie premiere at the end of the program.

Team Sports  - Andrea Cogan, Ella MacLeod 


Tuesdays, April 25th, 2017 – June 6, 2017 and, or Thursdays, April 27th, 2017 – June 8th, 2017 (no session April 18th)

 7:30 AM – 8:15 AM

Cost $80 for one day only, Cost $140 for both days.

Grades 2 - 5 (max students 25)

It’s that time of year again – TEAM SPORTS!  Join Mrs. Cogan and Mrs. MacLeod in the Gym Tuesday mornings from 7:30 - 8:15.  We will play whiffle ball, basketball, floor hockey, Team Hand Ball plus so much more.  Grab a friend, grab your sister, grab your brother, and grab your cousin…. and sign up.

Homework Club  - Julie McEleney

 Mondays from October 2nd , 2017 - February 5th , 2018

2.45PM - 4:00PM

Cost $240 

Grades 3-5 (max students 15)

Location Mrs McEleney's Classroom

Get your homework done before you even get home! This opportunity is open to 3rd -5th grade students and will allow you to do your homework right after school with  Lincoln school teacher supervision and assistance. No more trouble trying to decipher tricky directions or struggle with homework later in the day or evening. Come to this club with your works snack and enjoy the fun setting. Then head home ready to enjoy the rest of your day with family and friends...knowing your homework is all set.

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