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Recent news​

Specific Grade reference pages have been created with information relevant for each grade level.  In addition, we have pulled together additional information that may be of interest to the larger Lincoln School Community (below).  If you see anyting missing, please email us the information or link.


Winchester School Information

Winchester Public School Website:  Click here


Lincoln Elementary School Website:  Click here

Lunch Program:  Click here


Lincoln School Handbook:  Click here


Lincoln Photo Opt-Out Form:  Click here













Teacher Recommended Educational Apps & Websites

Phil's Recommendations - Click Here

Parent Approved Educational Apps & Websites


Bedtime Math -  Sign up to receive fun math exercise every night via email


FunBrain-  Website with variety of games to support reading, math, etc.


Starfall's Learn to Read - A free public service website to teach children to read with phonics


Sheppard Software- Has free online learning games website


Turtle Diary - Online Education Learning website for toddlers through 5th Grade


Beestar -  Beestar website provides online math and reading worksheets as well as offers free weekly exercises (emailed to you)




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