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LSPA Meeting Minutes & Finance Reports
LSPA Meeting Minutes


Please find a link to the past LSPA Meeting Minutes.  If you have any questions regarding the summary notes, please contact the co-chairs Cheryl Shepard and Brydie Sullivan


Past LSPA Meeting Minutes


LSPA Treasurers Reports


Please find a link to the current and past LSPA Treasurers Reports.  If you have any questions regarding the reports, please contact Lietza Molloy or Jen Pagan


Current Treasurer Reports





LSPA Reimbursement


To receive reimbursement for LSPA related expenses, please do the following:


#1 - Please fill out this form to request reimbursement for LSPA-related activities.

#2 - Receipts should be submitted upon completion of this form, to or placed in the Treasurer mailbox in the Lincoln School office. 


Once this form and the corresponding receipts are received, Lietza Molloy will cut the check within 5 business days.  NOTE:  Expenses will not be paid until receipts are received.

LSPA Meeting Agenda

November 11, 2014

  • Consent agenda:Minutes from Oct 2014 meeting

  • Treasurer’s Report through Oct 2014


  • Principal's Report


  • Co-Presidents’  Report


  • Committee Reports


  • Assistant Superintendent, Jen Elineema














Next LSPA Meeting

Thursday, November 13th

8:30 am



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Common Accounts include:  All School events, Enrichment, Gifts, Green Team, New Initiatives, Playground, Social, Technology, Ways & Means
As an alternative to the online form you can print the attached form , complete info and return to the treasurer





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